Train one-to-one or with a partner and experience how an individualized program will help you achieve your fitness goals, it won’t take long to see results!  At Mountianview we specialize in personal training and take the intimidation out of the gym.

Our fitness trainers are also Registered Kinesiologists, so they are highly skilled at identifying your physical weaknesses and assessing your current capabilities.  As you progress, your trainer will constantly adjust your program to meet your evolving needs and help you reach for new goals.

The true key to fitness success is a combined program of appropriate exercise and consistent healthy eating.  Our knowledgeable personal trainers are located throughout Vancouver and B.C.’s lower mainland  to provide instruction on proper nutrition and help you lose fat and keep it off.  If you are looking to add muscle or shred your core, we can provide nutritional advice for that goal, too!

We can help you:

  • Reduce weight and body fat

  • Add muscle and increase fitness

  • Build your body, mind, and self-esteem

  • Achieve a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle

  • Reduce stress and tension

  • Maximize results in limited time

  • Lower cholesterol and blood pressure or treat osteoperosis

  • Get motivated to stay on track

Call 604-544-5062 today and receive 15% off of your initial purchase of 10, 15, or 20 Personal Training Sessions! (Offer Valid For New Clients Only)

Mountainview personal trainers create individual fitness programs suited to your needs.  Working with our expert team, you will enjoy energetic workouts designed to help you exceed your fitness goals.  Using proper technique, you will complete the safest, most effective routines for your body.

At Mountainview Kinesiology, our team of licensed practicing kinesiologists provide you with the most effective exercise rehabilitation therapies to treat your injuries and pain.  They are trained to deal with all types of soft tissue injuries, address core stability, balance and muscular coordination and weight loss issues, along with cardio-respiratory conditions.











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