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A Return to Work (RTW) program is a procedure that is formulated by our kinesiologist that helps injured workers safely return to suitable work. Return to work program outlines the steps that workers, supervisor and others within the organization need to take if injury has happened.

Our RTW Program may also include the following:

Job Site Visit - This assessment is conducted at the worksite to review of job tasks and critical job demands and explore return to work options including GRTW planning.

Job Demands Analysis - This is a detailed quantitative and qualitative assessment of the physical demands, environment and psychosocial stressors associated with a particular job.

Gradual Return to Work (GRTW) Plan - Following a Job Site Visit from one of our specialists, our GRTW Plan is developed with the participation of the worker, the employer and the attending physician, toward the goal of reintegrating the worker directly into the workplace. Our effective GRTW Plan contains specific hours, duties and a defined end date.

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