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Many happy clients have come through our doors over the past 18 years. Have a look at what some of them are saying about Mountainview Kinesiology.





"Personal attention & catering to my abilities."
- Patricia Giraud


"1-on-1 training, perfect exercises that targeted my pain"
- Anonymous


"Excellent experience.  I got great help and relief from my daily pain.  Learned lots!"
- Sheri Azimi


"It helped me improve."
- Reema Khan


"The Kinesiologist was excellent.  They provided great 1-on-1 training and motivation."
- D. Armstrong


"The rehabilitation program was excellent.  It helped me to get better."
- Radesh Sharma


"Cara has been very engaging and helpful.  She’s been excellent.  I really like the results."
- J. Sullivan


"Both the Kinesiologist and the whole program have been excellent."
- Anonymous


"Excellent Kinesiologist, she is the best!  The program itself was also excellent."
- Edward


"I feel the program and trainer have both been excellent."
- Anonymous


"Manouch is excellent!  He brought me back to my previous activity level."
- Joanne Zecchel


"They showed sincere patience when teaching and explaining my situation, and how I could improve and get better."
- Angela Yim


"Manouch is a very personable trainer."
- Dave Jack


"Collins made my program enjoyable and motivating.  She’s excellent."
- Ainsley Campbell


"The trainer was excellent and provided constant encouragement."
- Steffani Graham


"Everything was excellent.  Everyone I worked with; Manouch, Nicole, Collins, & David were all so well informed and sincere.  The flexible hours, personal attention and excellent staff were great." 
- Nimmy Hirji


"I was very satisfied with their entire approach, and the treatment I received.  They helped me recover quickly.  I would recommend them to anyone who needed exercise therapy to recover from an injury."
- David Moore


"Excellent Kinesiologist and program."
- Soheila


"I like the variety of the exercises.  The program was excellent"
- Anonymous


"Helped me get a bit better pain wise.  Steady slow increases in weight lifting etc.  Generally it was excellent."
- Sabrina Meherally


"I'm so glad I was recommended to the program.  It's the best thing that has happened to me since my car accident.  I would like to thank your company and Manouch for being the best."
- Stephen Lenahan


"Iman is an excellent and very informative kinesiologist"
- Leo Van Kalsbeek


"Friendly staff, very understanding"
- Zainul Gillani

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