Many happy clients have come through our doors over the past 18 years. Have a look at what some of them are saying about Mountainview Kinesiology.





"Personal attention & catering to my abilities."
- Patricia Giraud


"1-on-1 training, perfect exercises that targeted my pain"
- Anonymous


"Excellent experience.  I got great help and relief from my daily pain.  Learned lots!"
- Sheri Azimi


"It helped me improve."
- Reema Khan


"The Kinesiologist was excellent.  They provided great 1-on-1 training and motivation."
- D. Armstrong


"The rehabilitation program was excellent.  It helped me to get better."
- Radesh Sharma


"Cara has been very engaging and helpful.  She’s been excellent.  I really like the results."
- J. Sullivan


"Both the Kinesiologist and the whole program have been excellent."
- Anonymous


"Excellent Kinesiologist, she is the best!  The program itself was also excellent."
- Edward


"I feel the program and trainer have both been excellent."
- Anonymous


"Manouch is excellent!  He brought me back to my previous activity level."
- Joanne Zecchel


"They showed sincere patience when teaching and explaining my situation, and how I could improve and get better."
- Angela Yim


"Manouch is a very personable trainer."
- Dave Jack


"Collins made my program enjoyable and motivating.  She’s excellent."
- Ainsley Campbell


"The trainer was excellent and provided constant encouragement."
- Steffani Graham


"Everything was excellent.  Everyone I worked with; Manouch, Nicole, Collins, & David were all so well informed and sincere.  The flexible hours, personal attention and excellent staff were great." 
- Nimmy Hirji


"I was very satisfied with their entire approach, and the treatment I received.  They helped me recover quickly.  I would recommend them to anyone who needed exercise therapy to recover from an injury."
- David Moore


"Excellent Kinesiologist and program."
- Soheila


"I like the variety of the exercises.  The program was excellent"
- Anonymous


"Helped me get a bit better pain wise.  Steady slow increases in weight lifting etc.  Generally it was excellent."
- Sabrina Meherally


"I'm so glad I was recommended to the program.  It's the best thing that has happened to me since my car accident.  I would like to thank your company and Manouch for being the best."
- Stephen Lenahan


"Iman is an excellent and very informative kinesiologist"
- Leo Van Kalsbeek


"Friendly staff, very understanding"
- Zainul Gillani


At Mountainview Kinesiology, our team of licensed practicing kinesiologists provide you with the most effective exercise rehabilitation therapies to treat your injuries and pain.  They are trained to deal with all types of soft tissue injuries, address core stability, balance and muscular coordination and weight loss issues, along with cardio-respiratory conditions.











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